There are a number of ways to locate content on your site! If you're looking for content that has been imported from your old site, the process is very easy:

Finding imported content

Add the steps involved:

  1. Copy everything after the "“ (do not copy the slash) of the page’s old URL and paste it into the URL bar of your browser on your new site AFTER the ".com/“ leaving the slash intact.


    Can be found by pasting the following into your address bar:

Searching for content by title, category, or type

The Content Administration tool is very powerful, and you'll use it often. 

  1. In the admin bar, hover over Content and then click Content Administration (admin/content/administration)
  2. Type in a word or two from the title of the article you're trying to find, and press "Apply"
  3. Using the dropdown menus, you can further limit your search by selecting a Type of content (static page, article, local bird, etc), whether or not it's published, or the Category under which it was filed. 
  4. Once you see results, you can click the title to view that page, or press the edit link to dive directly into editing it



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