If you'd like to incorporate content from the National site into your own site, you can do so by copying an editorial card for any article or page. You can place this in any editorial card slot on your site, and add it to any of your site's categories (where it will also show up in news streams/listings). When your users click, they will be taken to the National site with a link at the top to return to your state or center site. 

To import a single page or article from another site

Add the steps involved:

  1. Find the URL of the national site article you'd like to import and copy it.  
  2. On your own site's admin menu, choose Content -> ASC Imports -> Import individual editorial content

  3. On the next screen, paste in the URL into the URL field, and choose a category on your own site where the imported article will appear. You can leave frequency set to "1" by default. When you're ready, press "Save Settings & Start Import"

  4.  Check your site's Content listing and verify that the article has appeared. You can now add it to any editorial card slot by typing in its title like usual. 


To import an entire category of content from another site

For instance, if you maintain an active News category on your State site, and would like visitors to your Center sites to also see this content, you can import an entire category in bulk by following the instructions below. 

  1. Go to Content -> ASC Imports -> Import editorial individual content -> Import Editorial Content Listing. You will see a screen like this: 

2. Fill out the fields according to your desired import: 

  1. Frequency: If this is a one-time import, select 1. If you'd like this import to repeat every 3 days, select "3" 
  2. URL address: Paste in the category page containing the articles you'd like to import. 
  3. Content type: Select one or more content types you'd like to include in an import. Articles, Static Pages, and Short Articles should cover most of the bases. 
  4. Category: Select the category on YOUR site where you'd like these articles to appear in a News Stream. 

3. When you're set, press "Save Settings & Start Import"—this import may take a while, so don't close the page until you have a confirmation message that the articles have been imported. 

4. Check the relevant category page on your site to see the imported articles on your site. Note: you may need to add a News Stream module to that category page for them to appear automatically (see: A guide to landing page modules)


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