In some cases, you may want to use an editorial card to link people directly to another website (for instance, if you want to create standard editorial cards for your state's Nature centers that, when clicked, send people straight to the center's page). 

That's very easy to do!

1. Create an article or static page for the website you'd like to link people to

Since all editorial cards pull their text and images from existing content, this is the first step. But you only have to fill in a few fields on the static page. 

 2. Fill out the necessary basic fields

On the "Main content" tab, fill out the Title and Subtitle. On the "Layout" tab, add an image to the "Editorial Card image" field. On the "References" tab, add this page to the relevant category where it will appear on your site. You can leave all other content fields blank (don't worry, no one will actually see this page. 

3. Fill out the Redirect field

On the "Menu & URL path settings" tab, paste the URL of the external site you'd like to link to in the Redirect field. As the description says, this will ensure any click on this editorial card will bounce people to this external site. 

4. Save the page, then add it to an Editorial cards module like normal

This mini-article lives in your system now and acts like a shortcut to whatever URL you placed in the Redirect field.


...Or you can use 2x Editorial cards

The way the "2x editorial cards" module is set up makes it very easy to link these to any URL of your choosing, on or off your own site. Just fill in the desired URL in the link/URL fields. They don't work for every layout scenario, though. Your choice.