Your site's nav bar/drop-down menus and footer are all composed of menus. Here's how to manage them.  

Step-by-step guide

Add the steps involved:

  1. Hover over the menu you’d like to edit while logged in as an admin. Click the Gear link that appears in the upper right of the menu itself, and click Edit Links. (You can also find the menu you want to edit in your admin bar by going to Structure -> Menu).

  2. Adding and arranging links works exactly like the Category admin screen (see: How to edit your site's categories (not menu!))—drag and drop the cross sign to re-order them. 
  3. To temporarily hide a menu term without deleting it, uncheck the “Enabled” box and save your changes with the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  4. To edit where an existing menu link points, click “Edit.” Then, in the Path field, paste the path of the page you’d like to point to. You can include a full URL here, but it’s easiest to just include everything that comes after the slash in the domain name. This will also ensure that the Menu link continues to work when we switch your new site from your temporary staging URL to your site’s full URL.

    For example:

    To add a menu link for a page at:

    You would copy everything after the .com/, which here would be:


  5. Take the proper path and paste it into the Path field, and save the menu item.  


See also: The difference between categories and menus

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