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Photo Entry Maintenance

Refunds and entry handling are administered via the Photo Entry Maintenance section located at 

  • To access this page, you must have Admin rights in the Audubon Photo Awards app
  • To complete a refund you must have both Admin rights in the Audubon Photo Awards app AND you must have user rights for the Refund Issuance Portal (as of 1/22/2018 Sabine Meyer and Jennifer Bogo have RIP access)

From the Photo Entry Maintenance section, you can delete image file entries from storage, initiate refunds for entries, and also view orphaned payments that aren't associated with a submitted file.

Researching the entry

You can locate an entry by searching on any of the associated fields (First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.) but the most effective method will more than likely be to search by email address.  It ensures the most unique value search with the least risk of typo or alternate spellings, etc.

In this example, I am searching for Derek D.'s 5 entries in the 2018 APA submission list:

I enter Derek's email in the search field

You can see that the Entry list filters down to only display the submissions associated with Derek's email

From here, you can verify First & Last name, Home Address... and most importantly the specific contest.  You'll want to verify the entry is in the 2018 Contest (or whatever year is applicable) because the Entry list is a running list continuing from the first APA we hosted using this app. 

One Submission, One Transaction Link

Audubon Photo Awards app allows for the submission of multiple entries in one transaction.  As a result, every individual photo entered under that submission carries the same Transaction ID.

Let's take a look at our example: Derek

Derek entered 5 photos into the contest with one pay transaction of $75.00. 

Every Transaction ID listed for Derek is identical.

This is important because you trigger a refund from the Transaction link in the "Transaction ID" column and now you know that....

  1. If you are giving a full refund for Derek's entire submission it doesn't matter which of these links you click.  They will all point you to the correct pay transaction.
  2. If you are only refunding one of the submissions, you know you will have to perform a partial refund.

Partial and Full Refund(s)

In my example, I only need to refund Derek for one of the photo entries out of his 5 total.

Let's take a look.

I've isolated the entry that I will refund and I click the Transaction ID link for that specific entry in the corresponding row.

You'll remember that Derek only has one pay transaction thus far, so he only has the one pay transaction ID. 

So technically, it doesn't matter which of the links I click... however I click the specific link associated with the entry because it is good practice for the entries where it is an individual entry with a unique Transaction ID.

Redirect to the Refund Issuance Portal (RIP)

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to RIP where you will process the refund in a couple simple steps.

I have been linked to the specific transaction; I can verify this by confirming Derek's name, address, and dollar amount in the fields displayed.

I click "Apply Refund"


I have the ability to adjust the amount of the refund.  With the refund being partial in my example, I change the dollar amount to $15.00.  If it were a full refund, I would leave the amount at $75.00


After changing the dollar amount to $15.00, I click "Apply Credit"


Confirm the refund by clicking "OK"


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