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Go to Contact Merge App

To Do:

Click the App Launcher

Click on the App Launcher to the far left on the Salesforce Quick Tab bar.  

Select the "Contact Merge" app by either scrolling to it in the lower portion of the App Launcher Overlay OR typing "Contact Merge" in the global search box and selecting the app when the list of options narrows.


TIP: Once you land on the "Contact Merge" landing page, you would be best served to Favorite the page so that you don't have to repeatedly scroll to the App Launcher.


For Alta CSRs:

As You will have access to the "Merge Console" app which is specially designed for you to easily access the Contact Merge app. Simply click the down arrow on the Quick Access Object Menu and select the "Contact Merge" app.

Search for your Duplicate Contact Records

As a large organization with decades-worth of historical biographical information, Audubon's database can make for a challenging name search-- especially regarding more common names.  You will no doubt run into common-name records that you will need to merge; as a result you will need to be savvy about searching. The Global Search tool in Salesforce provides you with options so that you are not just searching "Smith" or "Bob Smith" and getting the phone book.


I need to merge two John D. Myers records.  Let's make it more general for the sake of the example and say it is just John Myers.

  • A search for John Myers returns several records in Salesforce; a majority of those names won't even have the last name Myers.
  • We'll improve the search; let's search "John Myers" in quotes to make sure that we are only getting John Myers names as a result.  We're better, but we're not there yet.
  • We know from looking at the record that John Myers' address is in the state of Pennsylvania.  Let's search John Myers PA.  This search result will take us a step backward from the "John Myers" in quotes search.  

We know more than just John's home state however.  Try searching John Myers Marion PA (no commas/quotes) or John Myers PA 17235... adding a city/state combination with Marion PA or a State/ZIP combination with PA 17235 has done wonders in narrowing the results.

Searching John Myers PA returns several results.

Searching John Myers PA 17235 narrows the results returned in the search.


For Alta CSRs:

Quick tip: Just copy the address from the Winner record and insert it in the Contact Merge global search bar.  In most cases it will return the correct duplicates that you need to merge.

Using the Salesforce Record ID

Even with an efficient global search, you still need to make sure that you are merging the correct records.  Assuming that you have been given the two Contact records prior to the merge, you will be able to view the Contact records in Salesforce.


We are provided with duplicate records for John Myers.  


I view the 0012215950 record in Salesforce.  In the URL of that Contact record page is the Salesforce ID for that record.


I keep the Salesforce ID for this Winning record noted.  I have also viewed the losing record and taken note of the losing Salesforce ID: 003o000000cmKsEAAU.

Now back to the Contact Merge app.  I have performed an efficient search using the search term John Myers PA 17235 & I get back two records in the results. 

When I hover over the names in the results list, I can see the URL (and therefore the Salesforce ID) and identify whether I am merging the correct records.

By checking the Salesforce ID of both search results I can confirm that I am merging the correct two records.  Now on to the merge...


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