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We can use custom form builder to create an alternate landing page after someone participates in an action alert (see example here). It includes a brief thank you message and encourages people to share the alert via email, Facebook & Twitter, and also gives people an easy way to make a donation about an issue they care about.

Note: we lose the ability to use personalized content (i.e. we can’t display the name of their elected official, if it’s dynamic) and the ability to track social referrals.

Part 1: First, publish a contribution form in EveryAction.

Ensure your contribution form has the following elements:

  1. The 'Basics' Step
    1. Gateway Account
    2. Source Code
    3. Activist Codes
  2. The 'Build Page' Step
    1. Contribution Information configured
    2. Contact Information configured
    3. Submit Button configured
  3. The 'Confirmation Page' Step
    1. Thank you page configured
    2. Auto-responder configured

You do not need:

  • Header information
  • content in Build Your Online Page
  • Social Metadata (turn off Facebook & Twitter buttons)

Part 2: Log-in to custom form builder:

Choose either “Add Content > Donate” or click on an existing Donate page and click “Replicate.” Add/Change the following fields:

  1. The most important part is near the bottom! Scroll down to EveryAction Form and enter the ID (Copy it from the end of the URL of a published EveryAction form. It should look something like this: C8fi4orOdk2LDwQLnJ8TXQ2).
  2. Return to the top and enter the internal form name, which should be the same as the Form Name in EveryAction.
  3. Display Title. This will appear in large blue font after someone takes action. Suggested text: Thank you for taking action!
  4. Monthly. Leave blank
  5. Optional Elements. Select state name from region. Type ACTION CENTER in Category Text. Choose Red for Category Color. Return Link is left blank.
  6. Thanks Content.
    1. Thank you text – one sentence specific to the action alert, i.e. Thanks for sending a message to California's governor-elect asking for immediate action to protect birds and the environment.
    2. Form Title – The text that will appear over the giving elements in the form, i.e. Support our work on behalf of California's amazing birds
  7. Share Elements
    1. Share Label. Suggested text: Share with your friends
    2. Share URL. The URL of your advocacy form (here you want people to share the alert, not the donation form. This is the only place someone will have the opportunity to share your alert)
    3. Email Subject. If someone shares by email, what should the subject line be? i.e. Audubon California Petition: Ask Governor-elect Newsom to Prioritize Birds & Nature
    4. Email Text. Brief body of the email people can share (do not include link), i.e. Join me in asking the Governor-elect Newsom to prioritize birds and nature. You can find out more and sign the petition at the Audubon California Action Center:
    5. Twitter Text. Sample Tweet for people to share (do not include link. DO include your Twitter handle, or @audubonsociety)
    6. Next Step Label. Will appear under the share buttons, i.e. Support Audubon California with a donation
  8. Image. Use the same image as used on the advocacy form.
    1. Caption. Unlike EveryAction forms, there’s not a special place for photo credit, so include the photo credit here, in addition to the species name (or other caption).
  9. Body. Text explaining how donating will make a difference, i.e. As we said earlier, the election is just the beginning of the hard work ahead. Please consider making a contribution to Audubon California to support our work on behalf of California's amazing birds.
  10. EveryAction Form. You already did this, because it’s so easy to miss! But if you skipped Step 4 above, now is the time to grab the end of the URL of your EveryAction donation form and enter it into this box. This is the crucial step that links both elements.
  11. Premium Content. Skip.
  12. Dynamic Content. Skip.

That’s it with the Custom Form Builder! You are almost done. Click save, and then copy the URL of your new form.

Part 3: Putting it all together

  1. Go to the setup of the advocacy form you're creating this "Action-to-Donate" confirmation page for.
  2. Edit the "Confirmation Page" step of this advocacy form.
  3. Select “Send to an external web address.” and paste the link to your new thank-you form in the associated field.
  4. Click Publish Changes at the bottom of the page.

Voila! You are done.

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