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Select Your Two Records

Click the check-boxes to the left of the two records that should be merged. Click 'Next'.


Identify the Record Fields that should be maintained

What is important to us?

Basically we don't want to lose any information about a constituent as a result of a merge.

  • Make sure that you grab the most complete Mailing Address (whether it come from the Winner or Loser.)  It is common that the addresses will be identical, but it is not a certainty; you should always double check.
  • Make sure you grab all of the email addresses from both records.  If the Winner/Loser have two different email addresses DO NOT select either/or... make sure you grab the email address that would be deleted in the merge so that it can be added to the Winner's record.
  • Make sure you grab all of the phone numbers from both records.  Sometimes the Losing record may have a phone number, while the Winner does not.  You'll want to grab the phone number from the Losing record.
  • With Suppressions/Mailing Preferences, please grab the 'True' value if there is a True vs False choice for either Winner or Loser.
  • We need to keep Loyalty Insights, Sustainer Indicators and Telemarketing Indicators if there is a value there. If there are values for both the Winner and the Loser for any of these fields, take the values from the older record (whether it is Winner or Loser.)


Even if the Losing record is the only record with an email, you should keep the email address.

During the merge, you'll see the email choice appear more than once.  Make sure you don't lose any.

There will be several different chances for you to select Suppressions; make sure you select the True value if ever there is a choice between True/False.

Selecting the History records

 This part is extremely important

  • You will select the 'Audubon ID for History' from the losing record.
  •  You will select the 'SF ID for History' from the losing record.

This is extremely important for making sure that the "Audubon Merge History" record is saved correctly.  We want the Loser's Audubon & Salesforce IDs to be stored as historical records in the merge table.  



Know When to Reassign the Merge Case

 There will be some merges that we prefer to handle at HQ.

  • If any of the records involved in the merge has an Owner other than Open User, please reassign the merge case to Jennifer Coleman.
  • If the merge involves a choice between two sets of Wealth Engine ratings, please reassign the merge to Jennifer Coleman.
  • If you are not sure if the merge should be a merge or if it is two different Contacts that just need to be under one Household instead of being separate, please reassign the case to Jennifer Coleman.

 Development should be making the calls in these merge scenarios.  

In this scenario, the Owner of both records is 'Open User'.  If there were a name in either of these fields, you should Cancel the merge and reassign to Jennifer Coleman.

In this scenario, only one record contains the Wealth Engine scores; you should just take the records with the scores.  If it were a choice between two sets of scores, you would reassign to J. Coleman.

Merge the records

Click 'Merge' and confirm that you understand it is an irreversible process.