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The final step of completing this gift change will be to apply a payment to the Budget Item for which the payment was originally intended.

Verify your Budget Item

You've applied the Negative Payment to zero out the Donation/Payment that was created in error.  Now you need to apply the payment to the Projection.

You have the URL to the Budget Item/Projection where the payment should be applied.  You are going to want to click on it to verify the system id.


Applying the Payment to the Projection

  • First, you will need to return to the Payment record from the incorrectly created Donation/Payment.
  • Clone this Payment again by Clicking 'Clone' from the Quick Action Controls.

When updating the fields on the cloned Payment:

  • You'll need to change the 'Opportunity.'  You want to enter the Projection/Budget Item Opportunity name here. 
  • When you begin entering the Projection/Budget Item Opportunity name into this field to search for the Opportunity, you'll see a row with a magnifying glass... click the magnifying glass.


  • Clicking the magnifying glass will bring you to a list of search results based on the words that you've entered into the 'Opportunity' field.
  • Mouse hover over the link to the correct Projection/Budget Item Opportunity to confirm it is the correct one.
  • By hovering over the link, you will see the full URL for that Opportunity and you'll be able to confirm the system ID from the URL.


Keying in the 'Finance Information'

  • Please update 'Gift Load Batch' that you are using to handle all of your Gift Changes.
  • Please update the 'Accounting Period' value to the current date's Accounting Period (the Accounting Period for today's date)
  • Please update the 'GL Post Date' value to today's date.

Basically, you want all of these values to mirror those which you keyed in on the negative "Void" Payment.

Other Types of Gift Changes

Keep in mind however that in this example we are just talking about a Gift Change where there is a simple void on one Opportunity and a cloned Payment placed on the proper Opportunity.  If this gift change were a change of the:

  • Gift Amount
  • Source
  • Etc.

Then the procedure would be a bit different.  We will get into those examples on another lesson.


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