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Photo Entry Maintenance

Contest Entry handling is administered via the Photo Entry Maintenance section located at 

  • To access this page, you must have Admin rights in the Audubon Photo Awards app

From the Photo Entry Maintenance section, you can delete image file entries from storage, initiate refunds for entries, and also view orphaned payments that aren't associated with a submitted file.

Locating the Entry for Removal

You can locate an entry by searching on any of the associated fields (First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.) but the most effective method will more than likely be to search by email address.  It ensures the most unique value search with the least risk of typo or alternate spellings, etc.

In my example, I have given a refund to a Contest entrant named Derek.  Now I need to remove his entry from the 2018 Contest.  I search his email address.

Removing the Entry

After filtering the Entry list down to just Derek's entries, I see the file that needs to be removed and the "Remove Entry" link in the column furthest to the right of the page.


Click "Remove Entry" and confirm removal by clicking 'OK' on the warning message.


Once you've successfully removed the entry:

  • The "Photo Entry was inactivated" message should replace the "Remove Entry" link.
  • The refund you processed (if you processed a refund) will display as corresponding with the deactivated entry.

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