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Source of Orphaned Transactions

Because of a myriad of possible reasons, there are some transactions that will not be successfully processed via the Audubon Photo Awards application.  A lot of these unsuccessful transactions will simply fail on the webpage and the User will need to refresh, etc.

However, in some cases the error will allow a payment transaction to process despite a failure with the image file upload.

When the latter scenario occurs, orphaned transactions are created.

Managing Orphaned Transactions

Orphan transactions need to be refunded.  Refunds and entry handling are administered via the Photo Entry Maintenance section located at 

  • To access this page, you must have Admin rights in the Audubon Photo Awards app
  • To complete a refund you must have both Admin rights in the Audubon Photo Awards app AND you must have user rights for the Refund Issuance Portal (as of 1/22/2018 Sabine Meyer and Jennifer Bogo have RIP access)

From the Photo Entry Maintenance page of the Admin section, you can see all of the orphan transactions listed in a grid at the bottom of the screen.  You should monitor this section occasionally for records that need to be refunded.  You should also always consult this section when you receive a complaint from an entrant about issues with payment processing.

Initiating a refund of Orphaned Transactions

Just as with a regular refund, when refunding orphan transactions, you will want to first click the pay Transaction ID link that corresponds with each orphan payment.  

If the entrant attempted to submit multiple entries with one pay transaction, there will be only be the one pay Transaction ID that will be the same for each of the entries. 

In the below example, each pay Transaction ID is distinct.  This entrant tried multiple times to process the pay transaction; each in a separate browser session.


Refund Issuance Portal

Once you click on the Transaction ID link for the orphaned payment, you will be redirected to the Refund Issuance Portal (RIP.)

You'll see the Transaction listed with all of the pertinent details (Name, address, transaction date, etc.)

Click the "Apply Refund" link.


Click "Apply Refund" (99 times out of 100 you will be applying credit for the full amount)


Click "OK" to confirm

Important: Check the credits before refunding orphans

It would be problematic to trigger the same refund twice, so please check the credits/balance in the Refund Issuance Portal before applying any refunds.

In this example, someone has already processed $90.00 worth of credits for a $90.00 transaction.  In a case like this, you would not click "Apply Refund."