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Whether reporting issues with an application during testing/development or reporting system issues after the application is live, JIRA is the system for logging tickets.

Logging in

The URL for JIRA is

  1. You can follow the link above or type '' in the URL window.
  2. Your username and password are the exact same as the ones you use to log in to your computer.

log in screen.mp4

Log-in example in the video above.

Create an "Issue"

To report a bug or problem with the application, you will need to create a ticket in JIRA.

  1. Click "Create" (top of the screen)
  2. Make sure that the correct Project is selected.  The 'Project' is the application.
  3. Make sure that the "Issue Type" is correct.  In most cases it will be a 'Bug'.
  4. Enter a 'Summary' (short summary of the problem or issue)
  5. The 'Reporter' field will usually default to the one entering the ticket.
  6. Enter a detailed "Description" that contains more specific information about what the problem is.
  7. Enter the 'Environment' (either 'audtest1' or 'Production' in most cases.)  The Environment specifies whether the issue/problem is in the test system (audtest1) or the live application (production.)
  8. Include 'Attachment' if possible.  Screen caps are always helpful.

Creating Issue.mp4

Example of creating an issue in video above.

Monitoring your tickets

Once you've logged the issue, you'll be interested in seeing how the ticket is progressing.  There are a few ways that you can approach this.

  1. Go to the 'Projects' list and select the correct project.
  2. You should be routed directly to the 'Open Issues' screen.  This screen will list all of the tickets.
  3. The default view is "Detail View", but you can view the tickets in "List View" by clicking on 'View all issues and filters' and then selecting "List View" from the view selector (see video)

Accessing Tickets.mp4

Example of accessing tickets in the video above.

You can see in the video example also that you access the "Issues" by navigating to the "Issues" menu item from the Left Hand Navigation.  This is helpful to know in case you find yourself in another section of the project.